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Breakfast at Tiffany's Parallels to Gilmore Girls and GG: A Year in the Life

Rory is intentionally cast as a modern variation of Holly Golightly, while Logan is cast as the film's protagonist Paul. Although it flips occasionally between the two who does what, both couples are yin and yang.  See the simiarities that follow via scenes from the OS and from AYITL.

Rory as Holly Golightly. She wears a tiara, black sleaveless dress, and baubles.

Holly Golightly, although she's been in her apartment a year, still lives surrounded by suitcases, boxes and crates. Remind you of anyone?

"Her bedroom was consistent with her parlor: it perpetuated the same camping out atmosphere; crates and suitcases, everything packed and ready to go, like the belongings of a criminal who feels the law not far behind."

In "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Holly's neighbor Paul (hint to go with the movie) and Holly decide to each deliver a 'first' to the other. Paul brings Holly to the library for the first time.   It may not have been his absolute first time in a library, but we know Logan didn't make the trip too frequently. Maybe he was purposely looking for someone?

Holly leads Paul into his first act of thievery. They steal children's masks from the Five and Dime store. Of course Rory and Logan joyride the yacht. Yes, it was Rory's idea, but I doubt she actually knew how to steer the yacht, so let's give it to Logan.

What do you do when you steal something? Well, you laugh, hold hands and run! Of course!

The window climbing scenes. Holly climbs down the fire escape to avoid a rather drunken, hostile gentleman caller who won't leave her apartment. Logan just shows up at the window and doesn't really explain why he opted to not use the door. He does say it looked cooler in the movies. What movie?

What does the fashionable NYC gal wear to walk around and eat pastries and drink coffee in the wee hours of the morning? Black dress, heels, and tight up-do, of course! Several AYITL reviews pointed out how ridiculous it was that Rory, a journalist who intended to track people on lines all across the city, wore heels to do it. It did seem silly. She dressed up to speak at Chilton and for her interviews, but she really could've dressed more appropriately for a day spent walking the beat, so to speak. Since it was odd, it occurred to me that it might serve another purpose.

Logan's one-off comment alluding to the fact that he had written a book drove me crazy. It was never explained. It was never mentioned again. Reviews, posts seemed to dismiss it. It made sense after watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Chests and Robes. Robes and Chests. I don't need to say anything more, do I?


Both Rory and Holly are afraid that the men who love them will somehow "trap" or "capture" them. Holly gifts the novella's narrator with a beautiful, antique bird cage but tells him, "Promise me, though. Promise you’ll never put a living thing in it.” During the conversation with Christopher, which is layered with multiple meanings, when Rory asks him if Lorelai "let him in" what she's really asking is "will Logan let me out?"

What is bothering our heroines?:

Holly: No the blues are because you’re getting fat or maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re just sad, that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Don’t you ever get that feeling?

Rory: I just I'm feeling very lost these days. This whole past year, it's like the ground's made of straw. I'm just gonna fall through."


P.J. Clarkes:
In the Truman Capote novella, Holly frequents P.J. Clarkes, which is where Rory goes with the Wookie.

It's always 2:00 am Somewhere in the world:
During "Spring" when Rory calls Logan, one of her phone's says it's 3:15, while the other says it's 5:00. So of course Rory says the following:

Rory: Oh, shoot. Did I wake you up? I woke you up. It's 2:00 a.m. there.

The time difference between NYC and London is either 5 hours or 6 hours, depending on time of year. It is never 2:00 am in London when it's 3:15 pm in NYC. It's never 2:00 am in London when it's 5:00 pm in NYC. It's never 3:15 on one cell phone, while 5:00 on another in NYC. Again, like the Logan-as-author implication, this sent my antenna up.

Excerpt from the novella:

Holly kept her promise to Mr. Yunioshi; or I assume she did not ring his bell again, for in the next days she started ringing mine, sometimes at two in the morning, three and four: she had no qualms at what hour she got me out of bed to push the buzzer that released the downstairs door.


I think we have Paul to thank for the slightly creepy way Logan holds the key in the Tango Club.

In "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (both novella and movie), Holly is forever without her keys. There may be something metaphorical in that. Like she doesn't carry a key because she doesn't even want to be reminded of cages or things being locked. It's because she's always losing her key, that she has to ring the neighbors' doorbells.

In AYITL, there is the key on Rory's hat; there is the key to the Maine house; there is the key to Rory's room at the New Hampshire inn. Rory even jokes about the prevalence of keys:

Rory: Wow. More keys.

As for the idea of losing things, Rory mentions losing her wallet and her underwear, and spends much of AYITL searching for her lucky dress.

How did I nearly forget the reference that started me on this path. Truman Capote is widely quoted as saying Holly Golightly was an "American geisha." Rory refers to herself this way in AYITL. (Lorelai also uses the term in reference to Richard's valet, Robert, during Season 5).

Moon River:

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I am glad you read and watched this. Did you notice the climbing through a window? It was her but still it was there. So many things are similar in these two stories. I am at awe of ASP now :)

I wasn't sure of your Chrogan analysis before, about the "she didn't let you in?" meaning "does he let me out", but now I am. It makes sense now. She was afraid of getting trapped and he was already trapped with her being the only way out. An insolvable dilemma. Or so they thought :)

twister 88

Climbing through Windows and More

Oh! I get it. You mean Logan climbing through the window to get inside Rory's dorm room in "Jews and Chinese Food" and was willing to give it a go at the pool house in Season 6. Maybe I'll grab screen caps and add it.

At first I thought of Emily climbing out the window in "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller". That was also the episode where Emily says she's "open for business!"

I still have to write something about relationship parallels and why Paul is named Paul in AYITL.

Is it horrible I see Baby Gilmore-Huntzberger = Cat?

Edited at 2017-04-22 03:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Climbing through Windows and More

Yes I can see Cat as the baby.

I think Toto is symbol of the baby too.
The question is, which path to take.
She can "go home with Toto" and never see him again
She can abandon the baby to streets (quite harsh, leave it in a bucket (!!!) ), That would be the ending of BAT the book version
Or she can contemplate a bit after he yells " I don't want to put you in a game..", run after him and the cat and have a happy ending.

SO which one is that???"""

The was debate at AYITH about "the wild - book vs movie". The end of that book was very similar than the movie - he died in both I think. So why take that uo? Whats the point? Unless there is another meaning in this (again). If I remember correctly Luke and Rory talked about this debate and about what Lorelai would choose. The question is, what did Rory say she would choose?????

I feel a bit like I´m looking at this too deep but here is my 2 cents anyway :)


Re: Climbing through Windows and More

I think ASP tells us to go with the movie version. First, the book version of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" doesn't even have a love story. There's no romance between Holly and her neighbor. There's maybe an unrequited crush if that. More importantly the character is not named "Paul." I think naming Rory's boyfriend Paul was the hint to go with the movie.

RE: Re: Climbing through Windows and More

Oh dear that's right!! Wow.

I'm loving all this research you are doing. There is no way all the Breakfast at Tiffany stuff is a coincidence. That Robe and Chest comparison is pretty stunning. And yeah the Rory opening up the window for Logan in s5 is a very similar visual to the window opening in BAT. Heck Logan probably has his guitars (in the OS and Revival) because of this movie. I think Logan's look like Holly's.

This stuff you are doing has turned out to be fun. Even if at times tiring and sad. But very helpful in understanding the show better.

Amy's love of and use of books and movies is really interesting. I know some see it as annoying and question her talent because of "copying", But it's clear as day she is doing it. GG is even known for it.

As a fanfic writer, I can't cast stones for "copying." I think ASP's layering is brilliant. How much must have been thought out and planned ahead. Just from my own experience, writing an outline for future chapters is not easy. If you make one change at some point, then you have to remember to incorporate that change consistently throughout. But to do something of this magnitude over years? Do just enough but not overdo it? Delicate balance. I agree with you on the guitars. It's not like we ever saw Logan play. Why did he have a guitar? In "Welcome to the Dollhouse" - the episode where Emily cleans out the basement and sends stuff to Lorelai among the items are a clock we see that looks similar to the clock in Paul's room when Holly climbs in through the window. Lorelai also mentions a birdcage but we don't ever see it. There are also Victorian figurines that resemble the lamp in Paul's room.

I'm going to add the key photos.

Wow, that Key picture. I'm more and more in awe of Amy.
And your research.

I didn't get to read the comments earlier but I know there were 7 and now there are 6? I feel a sense of dread coming.
Up and down with this show- LOL

I love the Breakfast At Tiffany's evidence. It's cool. The Baby is totally Cat :)

No need for dread. I deleted a comment I wrote because I need to think more but was too tired.

I just started watching this movie and Paul has a box of his books that is like the one Rory finds of her articles in her bedroom in the revival. The way he talks about being a writer and now writing a novel. It's kind of eerie.

The Moonriver scene is also like Logan's window scene from the show. Rory Rolls up her blinds and unlocks the window. So two window scenes in one.

There is also a lot of clocks in the beginning of the movie that reminded me of the revival.


Breakfast at tiffany's started showing on tv this morning and I couldnt help but notice the facial similarities betwern Rory and Holly (ie porcelain skin in the movie) while Logan and Paul as well (dirty blonde, slightly tan, same build). Do you think ASP planned this all along and thats why she cast Matt Czuchry? Because if we're basing it off on all Rory's exes -- and Freudian Psychology -- there's no way she would have liked someone who was blonde after consistently dating brunettes.

And if we're being specific, Matt is a waaay paler (or looks more caucasian than mixed) after doing GG when he starred in the good wife and ayitl.

Just a thought.

This all must mean Mr Jess or someone new is end game for Miss Rory? The talking Crow in Fall could be proof? In the novel version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, the talking crow was connected to Miss Holly's Husband who trapped her in the cage of marriage at 14. He wasn't an evil man but he treated her like a pet to love and protect. He had taught the pet crow to say Lula Mae (Holly's name at the time). Miss Holly let it go as a testament to her leaving the marriage. But it would call out her name from the trees.

Perhaps the Palladinos would have made Miss Rory a child bride of sorts to show how different she is from her mother but ultimately the same. She would crave freedom and a Huntzberger wouldn't be able to give it to her. Mr Logan is out on a ledge being with someone like Miss Rory in the first place. Tradition is too important too his family. But that's a different season and reference. Spring, Ms Naomi and Fiddler on the roof.

I read earlier about how Mr Jess doesn't wait for Miss Rory. Which is interesting since wait is the word Mr Palladino wrote Miss Rory using in the the Lit sour sexual encounter. It's what broke that relationship and ultimately broke Miss Rory. It sent them both on a journey. When she is fixed Mr Jess will have waited for her for many many years even if from afar. At the end of Fall, Mr Jess sees Miss Rory because he thinks she is fixed. She's not so won't be ready for him. Eventually though.

Jess has a history of not wanting to wait around for someone (S4E3 -"I'm not going to be anyone's golden retriever"). He also, historically, has not been interested in helping people get their lives together (S4E13). This is why Jess does not follow up with Rory after seeing her in S6E8: Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out. This is why he asks her if she "fixed" her life when he next sees her in S6E18: The Real Paul Anka. Notice he only tells her he's happy to see her after she confirms her life is "fixed." This is why they have not managed to get together in more than a decade. That they saw one another four years earlier than the AYITL timeframe and did not connect, is likely a reflection that Jess was still not interested in "fixing" people and Rory might've been experiencing a similar career lull at that time.

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